Accessorizing your Gown!

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After finding your perfect gown for your big day at Bridal Boutique, that means it is now time to accessorize your look! Whether you are more of a minimal bride, or you’re looking to kick it up with all of the accessories—we here at Bridal Boutique will help you find what works best for you and your day! Today, we are going to highlight two of the amazing designers that we carry—Thomas Knoell and Erica Koesler!

Thomas Knoell

One of the most loved brands for bridal jewelry, we find that many brides find at least one piece to add to their big day from Thomas Knoell. Before Thomas Knoell was crafting pieces of jewelry women around the world wear on the biggest days of their life, he was a mechanic. However, deep down in his heart (and with a little help from a friend), he knew he was meant to be an artist. His background in mechanics helped him with jewelry with soldering. And the rest is history! Below we have posted a couple of Thomas Knoell’s amazing pieces, but come into Bridal Boutique to see more!  

 Bracelet by Thomas Knoell

Bracelet by Thomas Knoell

 Earrings by Thomas Knoell

Earrings by Thomas Knoell

Erica Koesler

Erica Koesler’s collection offers amazingly beautifully pieces that are bound to make a bride glow on her big day. All of Erica Koesler’s pieces are handcrafted and made from only the finest materials. No matter what piece (or pieces!) you pick of hers, you will be able to see the attention to detail that was put into crafting it. The pieces are current and up-to-date, but they will last a lifetime (and look amazing in pictures)!  Erica Koesler’s accessories really do add the finishing touch to your big day! Erica Koesler has been making amazing accessories for 28 years, and we don’t see her leaving the wedding day accessory scene any time soon!   

 An Erica Koesler veil

An Erica Koesler veil

Thankfully at Bridal Boutique, we carry both of these amazing designers that really will help complete your wedding day look. We cannot wait to help you choose the perfect accessories for your big day!  

Trends We Love: The Illusion Trend

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This trend is nothing new to the wedding scene, but it is one that we here at Bridal Boutique love! We have seen so many different brides come into Bridal Boutique and find the perfect dress for their wedding—and so many of them fall in love with the illusion trend dresses we have to offer! We think that this trend will be huge again in 2018, so we are going to tell you a couple of the reasons why we love the illusion trend!

Why Illusion is Important

Although this is a trend and it does look great—there are some added benefits to illusion that you might not even know about! One of the biggest things is that the illusion trend helps a wedding dress fit a lot better. Illusion dresses help fit better because they seamlessly lay on your body—it’s like the perfect shirt you have that hugs and hides you in the right places! It will show in your face (and pictures!) that you have a dress that fits you well and shows off your shape!


Aesthetically Amazing!

With a name like illusion, you know it’s going to be cool! The illusion trend makes lace look like it’s floating. You can see this in the pictures provided, it’s super cool! There are tons of different options when it comes to illusion—necklines, low back, sleeves, anything goes! If you are looking for a dress that isn’t cookie cutter, we say go with an illusion trend!

Hidden Support

One of the best (and hidden) aspects of illusion dresses is that gowns can appear to be strapless—but it has the support of a strap! Nothing better than that, right?! This is perfect for brides that are fearful of a wardrobe malfunction, they can rely on the illusion trend to have their back (and their front)!


We absolutely love the illusion trend, and we think you will, too! Since the trend comes in different options, we suggest at least trying one on! So many times brides will fall in love with a dress they would have never imagined themselves in! Let the experts here at Bridal Boutique help you find the right dress for your big day!

Say Yes to the Randy Fenoli Dress at Bridal Boutique!

Say Yes to the Randy Fenoli Dress at Bridal Boutique!.png

If you are like us, we absolutely love watching Say Yes to the Dress on TLC! And the best part about it is that we are able to give you the same experience, here, at Bridal Boutique! Not only can you sip on some bubbly while your “Bride Squad” helps you find the perfect dress for your day, but we also carry the amazing bridal designer Randy Fenoli! You heard it right, the Randy Fenoli’s collection is available here—and we are the only bridal store in Dallas who carries him!

Randy Fenoli’s Exclusive Collection!

Randy Fenoli really does know the in’s and out’s of the bridal world, as we all get to see on TV—and through this, he has created a beautiful collection of dresses. He includes different silhouettes, necklines, and colors. He even has two-piece options for the more daring bride! Randy Fenoli’s goal is to make sure that every bride feels the most beautiful she can on her big day—and his collection does just that. Every dress he has created is amazingly gorgeous and has beautifully crafted elements that will make any bride feel beautiful.


Since Randy has been working in the bridal industry for over 20 years now, he knows what he is doing and it is obvious in his dress designs. He has classic and timeless dresses (like ballgowns), while also offering edgier and contemporary looks (like sheer paneling), as well. No matter what dress you try on from Randy’s collection, you will be able to tell that it has been crafted with great attention to detail and love—every dress is extra special and beautiful!

One of our favorite options from Randy’s collection for the fall is his Rochelle Wedding Dress! This dress is a complete show stopper with crystal beading and 3D flowers! The silhouette is to die for, with a deep scoop on the back. A natural waist and A-line tulle gown is perfect for fall—we are in love! And the best part is—it has pockets (perfect for chapstick, Kleenex, or anything you may need)!


Stop in today to come and check out this amazing collection! Since we are the only location in Dallas to carry this amazing collection, you will be in an original dress that everyone will love, especially your groom!  We promise, any option from Randy's collection is a home run!