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This trend is nothing new to the wedding scene, but it is one that we here at Bridal Boutique love! We have seen so many different brides come into Bridal Boutique and find the perfect dress for their wedding—and so many of them fall in love with the illusion trend dresses we have to offer! We think that this trend will be huge again in 2018, so we are going to tell you a couple of the reasons why we love the illusion trend!

Why Illusion is Important

Although this is a trend and it does look great—there are some added benefits to illusion that you might not even know about! One of the biggest things is that the illusion trend helps a wedding dress fit a lot better. Illusion dresses help fit better because they seamlessly lay on your body—it’s like the perfect shirt you have that hugs and hides you in the right places! It will show in your face (and pictures!) that you have a dress that fits you well and shows off your shape!


Aesthetically Amazing!

With a name like illusion, you know it’s going to be cool! The illusion trend makes lace look like it’s floating. You can see this in the pictures provided, it’s super cool! There are tons of different options when it comes to illusion—necklines, low back, sleeves, anything goes! If you are looking for a dress that isn’t cookie cutter, we say go with an illusion trend!

Hidden Support

One of the best (and hidden) aspects of illusion dresses is that gowns can appear to be strapless—but it has the support of a strap! Nothing better than that, right?! This is perfect for brides that are fearful of a wardrobe malfunction, they can rely on the illusion trend to have their back (and their front)!


We absolutely love the illusion trend, and we think you will, too! Since the trend comes in different options, we suggest at least trying one on! So many times brides will fall in love with a dress they would have never imagined themselves in! Let the experts here at Bridal Boutique help you find the right dress for your big day!